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Springtime is in the air

A face massage for the season

When I was little, I loved the spring. I loved as the trees started getting leaves, the grass growing, the flowers blooming. The world just seemed to be refreshed and new. Of course, I was climbing those trees, rolling around in the grass and picking flowers all while staying out as late as I could because the days were longer. Ah, youth. Nowadays I still love the flowers and trees in bloom, but I can no longer play outdoors without pollen becoming an issue, causing me itchy eyes, sneezing and sinus headaches. Miserable this growing up thing. But we take our seasonal allergy remedies and muddle through.

Years ago, by a happy accident, I took a Japanese face massage course, and I loved the techniques. And it just so coincided with my seasonal allergies. My face never loved something so much. It got the wheels turning in my head. I could see how combining this with other techniques I knew would make a fabulous treatment and how incredible it would feel on my client's face when sinus pressure caused their whole face to feel full, tense and in need of release. Therefore, I created my Zen Face Massage. Now if only I could give it to myself!

The Zen Face uses a mix of Bowen, massage, acupressure, and energy work, to relax muscles, drain the lymph of the face, and alleviate the pressure from the sinuses. It's a must for the allergy season.

Yet it’s not just for seasonal allergies

The Zen Face works any tension we hold in our necks, face, and scalp. Unsure what scalp tension is? Just place your fingertips on top of your head and try to move the skin. If it doesn't move or is stiff with hardly any give, you have a tight scalp! What causes this tight scalp can be anything from an overloaded schedule to poor posture at the computer, but it can lead to pain, tension headaches, and spread into the face, jaw (TMJ) and down the neck. When releasing the tension in your neck and head, you feel better in general having a more balanced and relaxed state of mind. So, the Zen Face is also for the overworked, headache dragging and worn down, carrying the weight of the world on their tense shoulders person. Did I just describe you?


This month Being Balanced is letting you enjoy the Zen Face massage for $50 ($10 off). If you add it to a massage or Bowen session you can get it for just $40 (that's a $20 savings)!

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