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Welcome to EveryBody Needs TRE
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Learn a technique that lasts a lifetime.

Welcome To EveryBody Needs TRE

We all have an incredible nervous system, that keeps us going no matter how serious the stressors or traumas thrown at us.  While our functioning may not be optimal, we go on. Over time, this burden of just moving forward begins to wear on us, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  We begin to see and feel a decline in our well-being. 


Have you experienced any of these?

  • Muscular tension and headaches

  • Digestive issues

  • Sleep disturbances

  • High blood pressure

  • Weight gain

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Brain fog

  • Emotional disturbances

If you answered yes to any of these...then TRE is for YOU!

Who needs this training?

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Anyone who has stress!  Are you a parent, teacher, a caregiver or just a human being trying to survive in this world?  Then this training is for you. 

Plus, people who work in fields such as:

  • mental health professionals

  • massage therapists, bodyworkers, energy workers

  • yoga teachers

  • physical therapists, chiropractors, wellness coaches 

  • healthcare professionals, first responders

  • anyone who sees people through a trauma lens

TRE can be a great compliment to services or modalities you already offer.

 You can take our Module 1 class just for your own personal knowledge and practice or as the first  step of becoming a certified TRE Provider, one who leads others through the TRE exercises.  Now offering in person and online options.

First Step in the Process

Module 1: Introduction to TRE and Deepening Your Personal Practice

Our Module 1 class will introduce you to TRE and how it relates to your nervous system. We will focus on how to safely guide your TRE process and personal practice. 


In this class you will 

  • Learn how to create a personal TRE practice to meet your own individual needs

  • Learn to connect to your tremor and use it to safely release stress, tension, and trauma

  • Develop the skill to self-regulate your nervous system

  • Begin to rediscover your authentic self!

Module 1 is all about you but also the 1st step in in starting the TRE Provider Certification Program. It can be joined by anyone interested in learning about TRE or those who have previous experience with TRE but want to deepen their understanding and practice.  Many decide to join the certification program after learning more about TRE.  Module 1 can be a benefit to everyBODY. 

Should you decide now isn’t the time to go into the Certification Provider Program, we offer a way to join us later if you ever decide teaching TRE is something you would like to explore. 

2024 Module 1 Dates

Group 1 (Choose A or B) 

A:  January 16th (6 – 8pm EST) and January 20th & 21st (10am – 5pm EST)

B:  February 12th  (6 – 8pm EST) and February 17th & 18th  (10am – 5pm EST) 

Group 2 (Choose A or B) 

A:  April 8th (6 – 8pm EST) and April 13th & 14th (10am – 5pm EST)

B:  April 29th  (6 – 8pm EST) and May 4th & 5th  (10am – 5pm EST) 

Group 3 (Choose A or B) 

A:  August 12th (6 – 8pm EST) and August 17th & 18th (10am – 5pm EST)

B:  September 16th  (6 – 8pm EST) and September 21st & 22nd  (10am – 5pm EST) 

Group 4 (Choose A or B) 

A:  October 14th (6 – 8pm EST) and October 19th & 20th (10am – 5pm EST)

B:  October 28th (6 – 8pm EST) November 2nd & 3rd  (10am – 5pm EST)


Thinking ahead for Certification?  The Certification Program is set on a track (time schedule) starting with the Module 1 you choose.  Click HERE for the full training track schedule for the above Module 1 classes.  You must be able to achieve competencies in each module to move to the next one.  If you are not able to move forward, we will move you into another track while working with you to meet the required competencies. 

TRE Provide Certification Program
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TRE Provider Certification Program

“Our certification program will prepare you to teach TRE safely, responsibly and professionally.  Additionally, we require that our trainees experience the depth of personal healing, re-balancing and tension releasing that is possible through this somatic process”.  

                                                                                                                         ~ David Berceli

The TRE Provider Certification Program

Becoming a Certified TRE Provider, who can safely share TRE with others, takes time and dedication. It requires you to build on the strong foundation of your own personal TRE practice, developed from Module 1.  By learning how to manage your own neurogenic tremor and understanding your own protective patterns that have begun to unwind, you can now begin to learn how to turn your knowledge towards teaching others.  Putting together all the information from your classroom time and all your personal experience will give you a greater understanding and help you safely guide others in their own TRE process.


The program involves:

  • Classroom Time (Modules 1, 2 and 3)

  • Supervised Sessions after each Module to support your learning

  • Your own personal TRE practice and journaling

  • Required Reading and Reports

  • Video Reviews and Quizzes

  • One Case Study

  • One Final Competency


The entire TRE Provider certification program can be usually completed in about 12-15 months. This is the recommend timeline from our certifying agency TFA (TRE for All). This allows adequate time to develop your personal practice as well as learn to teach others. 

Two women on mat talking.jpg
Program Requirements
Module 1 (see above) 2 days

 ($400 class only / $1000 total if entering certification program and adding supervisions)

After Module 1 Requirements include:

            Private TRE sessions with your trainers

            Group Shake

            Explore TRE with peer sessions

            Homework: TRE journaling, reading, videos and quizzes


*Due to the nature of what might come up because of the deeper TRE process it is highly recommended that the TRE provider trainee has access to additional support through i.e., counseling/therapist as the TRE Certification Trainers in their role as TRE Supervisors are not mental health experts. 

Module 2: Learning to Teach TRE to One Individual (3 days)

($1500 class /supervisions)

When we first begin to teach another person TRE we want to walk before we run, so we start by teaching only one person first. This way we can take time to watch one individual through the exercises, their tremor and how they process the session. While it can seem simple, this process can be complex.  

In this class you will

  • Learn how to lead the others safely through the TRE Exercise sequence

  • Learn modifications and interventions to use when needed for those who shouldn’t do the standard template

  • Develop an understanding of the polyvagal theory 

  • Work with reading the body and cueing a client

  • Additional topics for teaching and strengthening your TRE skills

After Module 2 Requirements include:

            Practice Teaching with Peers

            TRE Supervisions of Teaching 1 individual/ Unsupervised Teaching Recorded

            Personal Supervision Session

            Homework: TRE Journaling, Video & Quiz, Begin Case Study


Dates for Module 2 based on your Module 1 training track.  Click HERE to see all training track dates. 

Module 3:  Learning to Teach a Group

($1500 class/supervisions)

Here is where it all comes together.  You will use all the knowledge from your personal growth through your continued TRE practice and your experience teaching individuals, to now work with groups (2 or more people).  Your focus will be watching more than one body in motion, nervous systems interacting with each other and how to maintain safety and control over of the TRE process of a group. 


In this class you will

  • Expand on all knowledge from past modules into group facilitation

  • Practice more with modifications and interventions for the TRE process

  • Be introduced to running a TRE practice and business considerations

After Module 3 Requirements include:

            TRE Supervisions of Teaching Group/ Unsupervised Teaching Recorded

            Peer Sessions

            Personal Supervision Session

            Homework: TRE Journaling, Reading, Completed Case Study

            Final Competency ($200 each attempt)


Dates for Module 3 based on your Module 1 training track.  Click HERE to see all training track dates. 

Meet the ENTRE Team

Meet Your Team

We are looking forward to working with you on your TRE journey. We want to offer you a chance to learn not only about TRE but about yourself. We will share our own experiences of growth, while teaching you the knowledge and tools to become confident in your own practice and develop your skills as a TRE® provider. From our own education and backgrounds, our focus is teaching that TRE® is for all; no matter the life experiences, physical condition or age.  

                                                                                                                 - Lizzie Hearne & Betsy Ross


Sarah "Lizzie" Hearne

Certified TRE Trainer

Licensed Massage Therapist NC #3892

Bowen Therapist


Margaret "Betsy" Ross

Certified TRE Trainer

Retired Paramedic &

EMS Instructor

Healing Touch HTPA 

Why join our program?

  • You get two trainers for the price of one.  Two points of view, two people offering advice and assistance through the process. 

  • Our training goes beyond the minimum requirements set forth by TFA. We set you up to work with everyone you may come across once you are a Certified TRE Provider.  We train you to work with diversified bodies and work with modifications giving you confidence to work with any individuals who  should not do the original template due to restrictions in their bodies.  

  • We want you to not only succeed but have fun while working both on yourself and in developing your teaching style!

More Program Information
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