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What Being Balanced Offers

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Working together we will find the best blend of therapies to help you

find balance in your body, mind and spirit.  You will become an active participant in your journey to wellness as you discover

what your body needs to heal and be whole. 

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The manipulation of the body's soft tissues for the treatment of body tension, stress and pain. Together we will identify the right pressure and technique to maximize your comfort and healing. 

Massage sessions can be enhanced with these services:

Jade Stones: Heated to help relax muscles and increase blood flow for accelerated healing.

Massage cupping: Uses hollow vessels to create suction to lift and and release tight, restricted tissues. 


Rediscover an ease and calm in the body that you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

TRE uses your body's natural tremor mechanism to tap in to your primitive self defense system and safely discharge stuck energy from years of repressed stress and/or trauma. Empower your self for a lifetime of resilience to chronic and toxic levels of stress.

Aroma Massage

An hour massage ending with an essential oil application to the spine, ears and feet to help relieve stress, support the immune system and promote a healthy inflammatory response and increase homeostasis.  A gentle treatment for deep relaxation, clarity and a sense of balance. 

Hands of Hope

All of us need touch, especially when going through difficult emotional and physical challenges. From diagnosis to treatment, cancer causes stress, fear and many physical changes that can be very hard on a body. A Bowen or massage can work to help alleviate stress, help with nausea and general pain. Using a slower pace and softer touch, a Hands of Hope session is perfect for those who need and deserve some TLC. 

*As with any medical condition, it is best to check with your physician to see if massage is right for you. 


Bowen Therapy combines periods of bodywork with periods of rest, giving the body time to respond to the therapy in progress. The measured pace of the treatment is intended to initiate the self-regulation and restoration in the autonomic nervous system to improve key internal systems (such as circulatory, respiratory an immune).

Bowen Therapy addresses the body as a whole, from the musculoskeletal systems to fascia, nerves and internal organs. It can assist in the recovery from various conditions.


The Rossiter Method uses active stretching and resistance to work on the body's connective tissue system (fascia). Typical stretching benefits tight muscles without reaching the tight connective tissue that can contribute to restricted and painful movement.


In Rossiter sessions, we work together to stretch and release muscles and connective tissue for powerful pain relief. 

Zen Face

A treatment using a grounding blend of essential oils to relieve tension and stress in the face and scalp while lifting tissue and draining lymph. 

Beneficial for those suffering with tension headaches, seasonal allergies and sinus pressure.  

Not Just for Adults

When we think about stress, we usually think of it as an adult condition. But even young children are prone to stress. School, family, friends, and even a vacation can produce emotional strain for kids. If stress hormones are chronically elevated, they can destroy healthy immune cells that fight disease and create muscle tension.

We can work together to find what therapy will work best for your child to help them relieve tension and learn the benefits of body health and awareness. Bodywork and TRE can help your child become more resilient in times of stress.

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That was two bottles of wine good!

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Service Pricing

*First appointments require a 15 min /$15 consult*

Bowen Therapy
TRE Groups
Rossiter Method
Zen Face
Hands of Hope
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