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Just Being Me

Welcome to My World!

Why I'm obsessed with being balanced in all things in my life.

Hello. My name is Lizzie and I'm always looking for balance. Balance in my work and home life, diet and exercise, task and play...well you get the picture. Why? Because I have learned the hard way, that having a unbalanced life can lead to an unhealthy body, frazzled mind and searching soul. It started years ago as a child living at home with my older sister who had an undiagnosed mental illness. It made our home an unstable and nervous environment where I was constantly walking on eggshells, fearful and eventually and angry teen. I learned to hide my emotions and family situation from others, and just push through life, tilting the balance of my life to one side; ignoring my emotional and spiritual diet so to speak. Eventually, it took it's toll on my physical health and wham! I ended up with a Graves disease diagnosis before I even made it to college. This auto-immune disorder sent me on a life long struggle and path of self discovery that at times seemed so slow and disheartening, it felt like a loosing battle. How do you balance your life when part of you is too tired to move? I began learning about alternative therapies, which led to my career in massage. But even then, it was all about others. Finally, over time and more recently , I became focused on my own care (not just clients) and this journey has led me to where I am today. Am I still a work in progress? Absolutely! But I figure until I'm six feet under, I always will be. But at least I'm focused on being a better version on myself. Finding that balance of my mind, body and spirit is my journey and I share that with my friends and now here on this blog.

What will I be blogging?

I am so new to this blogging thing, so hang in there with me. I may not be on daily or weekly even (remember I'm balancing my life!) but I hope to share things that help me find balance in my life in an unbalanced world.

Let's share this journey together

So how do you balance your life? What do you find works when life is bringing you out of balance? I'm open to suggestions.

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