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Tension & Trauma Releasing 

Recognize this guy?  Stress...he seems to be everywhere!

Find out what he's doing to our nervous system and what we can do to reclaim our health. 

No matter what we do, we face stress everyday and we must adapt our coping mechanisms to meet the challenges of daily life.  This means relying on the stress response to get us through. The problem is we are living in the stress response constantly and we spend less and less time in the healing mode.  We have learned to "hold it together",  "just keep going" and "be strong".  Our own natural way of coming out of the stress response, a tremor or shaking mechanism, has been socialized out of us.  No way do we want to seem weak and shake.  We have stopped the process that can actually heal us. 

TRE, Tension or Trauma Releasing Exercises, can help.  We can learn to access our neurogenic tremor mechanism and turn our over active nervous systems back down.

Created by Dr. David Berceli,  this therapy allows us to reclaim the natural vibration our body does and allow our bodies to come back to balance.  

With TRE:

  • We reconnect with ourselves to become aware of what is going on inside mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • We  learn to regulate our nervous system so it runs optimally and it can function properly when we need it.

  • We shake off tight, tense muscles and release deep held tension patterns 

  • We become calmer, more focused and feel better in our daily lives.

 Wouldn't it be nice to not feel like we are wearing our shoulders at our ears, carrying the weight of the world on our poor backs or overreacting to every little thing?  Then it's time to start TRE.

Whether you are looking for an individual or group class or perhaps more in depth training, look no further.  I am happy to assist you in working with TRE and rebalancing your nervous system.

Group Classes

TRE Group Classes

Joining a group is a great way to get the benefit of TRE at a consistent pace and affordable price. Classes run for a series of 4 classes usually spaced around 1 - 2 weeks apart to get the full effect of TRE. TRE groups also offer the benefit of social engagement- the goal of a well regulated nervous system. There are two choices to choose from when it comes to TRE group classes; build your own and make a private group class or join a public group.  Groups can be in person or online. 

4 week group class series $180 ($45 per class)

Contact Lizzie for more details

Want to dig deeper into TRE?

Then TRE Module trainings are for you.  Gain a deeper understanding of TRE and strengthen your own personal process by joining one of our Module trainings. Our team, EveryBody Needs TRE, is waiting to help you discover how TRE can enhance your well-being and change your life for the better. 

Already have a TRE practice and interested in teaching others?  Our Provider Certification Program is open for applicants looking to spread TRE and lead others in learning this amazing life changing technique. 

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