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Stress...Recognize this Monster?

The world we live in is stressful. We face multiple stressors every day and for many of us we feel overwhelmed, run down, tense and defeated. Often the stress of today is compounded by stress or traumas we have faced or endured from our past. This compilation can make the weight of the world seem too heavy to carry. We feel anxious, worried, aggravated, and on edge. Snap at little things and feel out of control. Why can’t we just chill out?

If we step back and look at what happens to us internally when we are under stress, we can start to gain a better understanding of why we can’t just regain control or chill when we’re facing stress daily. It all comes down to our nervous system and what it does best – keep us going!

The problem is, our chronic stress is making our nervous system stay in overdrive and that’s causing wear and tear on our bodies. We aren’t even aware of the damage until we experience tension, pain or even illness. I’ve found from my own personal experience of past stress/trauma how TRE can help. I hope to share more with you as I continue my own journey. I want to help people understand what is going on inside their bodies as we continue to live in this chaotic world. Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs as I share more on the nervous system, our bodies and what we can do to win the battle against stress.

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